Traditionally, care with food and nutrition has always been synonymous with health, prevention of diseases and, today more than ever, quality of life and well-being. In fact, there is a huge increase in the demand for foods that provide a healthier life and consumers have increasingly valued products with natural ingredients and additional benefits.

According to Euromonitor data analyzed by SEBRAE, the healthy food and well-being market generates US$ 35 billion in Brazil and it is the fourth largest market in the world. Natural products play a key role in this scenario, due to the association between nature and health and, also, due to the properties from raw materials of vegetable origin. And, for such natural benefits to promote well-being and quality of life for consumers, it is very important to ensure the safety and quality of the offered products.

Therefore, the Quality Management System plays a crucial role in the food industries, guaranteeing good manufacturing practices throughout the production process, from the conformity of the raw materials to the quality of the manufactured products.

To confirm that the products are safe for consumption, it is important to carry out various tests and analyzes. Among the parameters considered by the Quality Control of a food industry, microbiological analyzes stand out, which seek to evaluate the possibility of contamination of microbiological origin in the produced batch. It is essential to ensure that the product is safe against the presence of microorganisms such as Salmonella, coliforms or molds, which can cause complications and diseases. Physical-chemical tests are also essential to verify the integrity and characteristics of the products, as well as to guarantee the conformity in all the produced batches. The parameters analyzed include pH index, density, solubility and organoleptic properties, such as appearance, color, odor and taste, among others.

Thinking about products of plant origin, there are also tests related to phytocomponents that are part of the chemical composition of plants. In this regard, for example, it is known that the molecules present in the guarana seed that are responsible for its tonic-stimulating benefits are methylxanthines, among them caffeine. Thus, there are products which the content of these substances is verified and standardized, using techniques such as spectrophotometry, in order to guarantee the benefits and properties from to the plant material.

Sylvestre Natural Ingredients is concerned with good manufacturing practices from the receipt of the raw material, through processing, to the shipping of the manufactured batch, ensuring the supply of safe and high-quality products to its partners and customers.


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