Offer customers and partners products of the highest quality, free from any type of contamination and, above all, safe for consumer’s health, which positively exceed their expectations, together with a solicitous and assertive technical support. Therefore, Sylvestre has:

Robust supplier qualification procedure that allows us to acquire the best natural raw materials available on the market;

Manufacturing process by maintaining the prerequisite program, good manufacturing practices, technical specifications with focus on food safety and hazard analysis and critical control points;

Internal analysis laboratory for quality control of products and processes.


Traveling through the immensity of Brazil, we know the regions of each biome in search of the best partners, prioritizing the practices of communities with sustainable supply for our raw materials, guaranteeing the origin of our products.

The raw materials are analyzed and guaranteed by qualified professionals and modern laboratories, going through physical-chemical and microbiological analysis.

The extraction process consists in the separation of specific nutrients from each raw material, where through this method we are able to extract functional compounds for each application.

The concentration process in the evaporation of the extraction liquid where this process has the purpose of concentrating the micro and macronutrients compounds in the product.

Process control is very important in guaranteeing the quality of the final processed product, being an essential step before passing through the Spray Dryer. Physical-chemical, microbiological and chemical marker analysis are performed.

The microencapsulation process consists in evaporation of the concentrated liquid in a chamber, subjecting it to a controlled flow of air, culminating in an ultra-fast separation of solids that will be recovered in powder. The result is the protected asset, increasing the shelf life and making the product soluble.

It acts in all process steps performing important analyzes to ensure the functionality of the ingredients. Common analyzes are: microbiology, chemical markers, pH, organoleptic characteristics, solids and viscosity.

The products are packed in specific packaging for each product.

The products are stored in an appropriate place with humidity and temperature control, ready to be sent to our customers.

Sylvestre is in the process of certifying the FSSC 22000 Standard, since our priority is food safety and consequently the consumer’s health. Several requirements of the standard are already implemented in our factory, among them the Food Defense procedure which, when well outlined, is the most powerful ally of safe food.