To be a reference in the supply of natural ingredients and customized solutions, meeting each customer’s needs in a targeted way.

To develop, produce and market natural ingredients and solutions in a customized and sustainable way for the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Pet Food segments.

Respect for people and the environment, focus and attention to the customer, commitment to results, dedication to each activity, loyalty, teamwork and clear and precise communication.

Our biggest focus is the enchantment and loyalty of our customers, so we always try to do our best to understand and meet the needs of each one.

We vibrate with each new development, as we know that we are offering the best in nature for the food industry.

For our work to be successful and delivered effectively to our partners, we maintain simple and effective communication with our employees, valuing the work of each one, knowing that as a team we can go further and further.

Our team is committed to always offering the best solution for your company, transforming the simple into experiences for well-being and nutrition.

BIOTAE Group has as main purpose to sow natural ideas in the market, providing the best of nature for the development of final products. Thus, we count on the companies BIOTAE and Sylvestre that work together for the benefit of people’s health and well-being.


We understand the ancient benefits of natural assets as human allies in achieving well-being, health and beauty. We see in the rich universe of plants, fruits and flowers, the natural way to research, develop and produce botanical extracts for the segments: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and pet care.


With expertise in the manufacture of natural ingredients, we develop solutions for Food & Beverages and Nutrition & Health. Aligned with market trends, the future of technology and innovation for the food segment, we deliver the complete health and well-being experience through responsible and inclusive food.

  • 1992



    As Napiê, we started manufacturing plant extracts in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical segments.

  • 2010


    As a brand transition to BIOTAE, we moved to an area of 3.000m² in Tatuí City/SP.



  • 2012



    Manufacture of products with standardized phytoactive agents and service in the food and nutraceutical segments with new cutting-edge technologies.

  • 2015


    We enter the foreign market with natural ingredients.



  • 2016



    We structured Sylvestre strategically dedicated to serving the food sector.

  • 2017


    We were present at Food Ingredients South America for 2 consecutive years, in addition to being present in Portugal at FISSIN exposing our natural ingredients


  • 2019



    With new categories of certified and organic products, we continue our work to deliver to the market customized solutions that innovate with naturalness and excellence.

  • 2021


    With focus on the Food & Beverages, Nutrition & Health and Pet Food segments, we understand that is much more than a large portfolio of ingredients for application, but also knowledge about the benefits of these ingredients, following market trends and seeking to produce healthy foods and beverages. Our systems are customized according to each customer’s project and particularity. We believe that creating food and drinks that raise new expectations is a science, an art and a business and we appreciate the balance between success and perfection of our ingredients.